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Chicken baked with oranges\"
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Cooking time: 1 hour
Difficulty: just
Reason: holiday
Main ingredient: chicken
Category: main dishes
Kitchen: home
Hello all my friends a wonderful site looking-booking! And days in the calendar is becoming less and less! This means that some month and a half, and descend the holidays that you want to meet armed with hammered products refrigerator, and pre-compiled menu is what you will cook. Of course, without Olivier to do we will not be able. But not one salad will be on your table? Meat zikusooka in does not count. New year\'s eve spirits need to eat thoroughly! By the way, if you are going to celebrate the holiday in a cafe, a table can be reserved on the website looking-booking! And if you still decided to celebrate the New year at home, without filling, buganini with garlic, and, of course, without chicken, you can not do. Chicken on the bottle? Old as the world and looks ordinary. But the chicken with oranges - it\'s something! If there are a large company, you will need a kilo of chicken. If you want to cook the chicken for lunch, take a chicken breast half a kilo, and accordingly, fewer oranges. We prepare?
Chicken: 1 kg
Oranges: 5 pieces
Cheese: 200 grams
Vegetable oil
Garlic: two or three cloves
Black pepper powder
Stage 1
Before cooking food thoroughly wash the oranges. Citrus fruits also should be washed as vegetables. One orange will go on the juice. To make juice, you can use the juicer. And you can clear the orange skin, grind in a blender and strain the juice.
Stage 2
The remaining two oranges cut rings. Peel not removable! It is the peel will give that unique orange flavor.
Stage 3
Bunch greens (dill or parsley) will wash under running water, dry on kitchen towel from the water, and finely cut as a salad.
Stage 4
Take one clove of garlic, pass it through the chesnokodavilku. After you peralam orange juice in a bowl, add there salt on the tip of a knife, black pepper, garlic and chopped herbs. And a good peremeshaem.
Stage 5
The seasoning will add rings oranges. Here it is in the seasoning, and need to marinate a couple of hours chicken.
Stage 6
RUB on a small grater, cheese.
Stage 7
Grease a baking sheet with vegetable oil. Chicken cut into serving pieces ( and you can put on a baking whole chicken pileski), pour the meat sauce of oranges, put rings citrus (you\'ll see - they will not be superfluous!). Sprinkle chicken with grated cheese and put the pan in the preheated the oven in advance. Bake until Golden brown. Bon appetit!
Bon appetit!
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