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Recipe Pies with meat and egg\"
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Cooking time: 1 hour
Difficulty: just
Reason: every day
Main ingredient: chicken
Category: from the test
Kitchen: home
Good day to everyone who loves to cook together with site looking-booking! Ran for a couple of minutes to share with you a recipe pies with chicken meat and egg. By the way, the stuffing can be very diverse. What am I doing? Yes, that Sunday morning is the \"it\" to put the dough and cook for dinner household delicious pies that are not pies. Pies are so named because we do not zasypaniem the top, as in the case of pies. I want to share with you one secret, which I learned recently - if you prepare the dough by themselves and want it to be lush, add to the dough a little starch. Or make the dough on the water in which you boil a couple of potatoes. On the rest to hold your attention will not all products in the dough put as usual. We prepare?
Yeast dough
Two chicken Breasts or chicken stuffing: 400 grams
Eggs: 3 eggs
Vegetable oil: 2 tbsp
Onion: 1 piece
Stage 1
Pies are preparing considering the fact that you bought in the store ready dough or cooked it yourself. If you want to make a stuffed chicken breast, take the two halves, boil in salted water until tender. With boiled meat pies I got a bit dry, so the second time for the filling, I took the chicken stuffing. So juicy pies. Chicken mince, fry in vegetable oil until tender. Don\'t forget in the process of cooking salt and pepper the meat. You also need to mince boiled off the liquid, but not roast beef, so it will not work you have tasteless.
Stage 2
And now we will start filling. Take two eggs, boil hard-boiled and cut in small cubes. Chopped eggs, place in a bowl to the stuffing.
Stage 3
Further work with the onions. One onion peel, and cut it into cubes. Then fry in vegetable oil. Actually, onion and gives the meat flavor. Add the onions to the bowl with the minced meat and boiled egg.
Stage 4
And for a taste you need a bit of greenery - I took the dill. Finely porezany dill we will also send in a bowl to the meat, add salt and pepper (taste for taste) and all good peremeshaem. Filling for pies ready.
Stage 5
This time I bought the dough in the supermarket. But less tasty pies. So, add to the dough a little margarine, stir, put the bowl with the dough in a warm place for half an hour I put on the stove and allow the dough to grow. When the dough came, cut off from him piece by piece as cakes, dip in flour and preminum, to obtain a pellet of 1.5 centimeters. So it went faster, cut immediately 6-7 pieces, roll in flour and make bread.
Stage 6
In the middle of the dough place a tablespoon without slides (depending on what size you will tortillas), make a pie, if you try to suscipiat top. Staple the edges on both sides, dip your fingers in flour. And the middle of our pies-pies leave open, as shown in the photo. Pies baked in the oven. Place them on greased baking sheet. Let the pies will stand minutes 5-7.
Stage 7
Meanwhile, down the fork yolk of a third egg, and brush the pies with egg yolk. And that\'s all. Now we can safely put the pan in the oven.
Stage 8
When the pies are slightly browned, remove the pan and pour in the middle, stuffing, incomplete teaspoon salted meat broth and put a small piece of butter. The butter will give the filling a delicate taste.
Stage 9
After that, pies again put in the oven and keep there until tender. The dough try of the match. Pies perfectly go with the first one, with a compote of tea. Bon appetit!
Bon appetit!
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